Need help with server

Hi everyone,well after 1 day of setting up my dedicated rp server i finally got it working!! but i have one problem…i went on to the server and even though its my server im not an admin!! i have no control over MY server. Can anyone please explain to me how i can make myself admin so i can run my server! thank you so much and please respond as soon as you can.


Also im having yes another problem. Well, my server is set-up and im on it everything is going fine…my friends try and join and they say that it doesnt let them join…that the server is not responding!! so now my friends and other gmod servers can’t join the server. also while on my server i was testing purchased weapons.i purchased a deagle and it refused to let me pick it up! i need help so if someone can help me that wud be ggreat!

Hah, quite the list you have there…

Okay, let’s start with the weapon problem, you need to install Counter-Strike:Source content on your server.

Next, the “Server not responding…”, problem. You need to setup a static internal IP and forward ports, I’ll quote myself here:

And last, making yourself admin. You should install an admin system, like ULX. Here’s another quote:

Once you’ve done that, run these commands:

rcon_password <your RCon Password>
rcon ulx adduser <part of your name> superadmin

And rejoin!

Adding onto 2Strokes advice, you can also add yourself as admin by going into …/settings/users.txt and adding your steam name, ID, and setting your rank as superadmin.

Yeah, I was going to mention that, but I think he’d be happier with the ability to kick/ban/etc. Without fumbling with steamids/player ids.

i did the port forwarding setting on my router but how do i install the cs:s shit on my server but also i fixed the admin problem and i am now an admin

Ignore any PM’s you got from me, I think I messed up in sending them. You will have to follow the same tutorial as you did installing the garrysmod server, except you don’t have to create any new folders. (hldsupdatetool -command update -game “Counter-Strike:Source” -dir C:\srcds) (Assuming you used C:\srcds as your directory) You will have a cstrike folder in your srcds directory. Simply copy that into the orangebox directory and you should have CSS content.