Need Help With Server

I made a server that works fine. Today i tried to run it again but it says i have to update it. Can someone tell me how to update my Gmod Server. P.S i use SRCDS and host my own server. ThankS!

Run HLDS Update tool

I updated my gmod stuff and it still says that it needs to be updated

When i update my server, i’ve got this message too…

wtf ?

[img_thumb] [/img_thumb] Oh my. My friend who is hosting is getting it to. I hope someone can find a fix.

Well at least im not the only 1. If anyone finds a fix please post it :slight_smile:

i guess fixing it is not up to us but to garry/steam maybe just a matter of time after new updates

anyway, we still can play on the server via fav or direct IP, dunnow if it’s listed anymore.

Yea, I am getting the same issue.

And no, you will not be able to play on your server until its updated.