Need help with setting up a Garry's Mod server

Hey Facepunchers! :smiley:

I recently got Garry’s Mod and wanted to play with my friend, First we started by him setting up a server using Hamachi, I got the Class C error.

Then I tried to set one up withoit Hamachi by port-forwarding, server not responding.

Other information
Garry’s Mod 13 (Latest - 153)
Router - Cisco EP2425


Did you set sv_lan to 0 after port forwarding?

Enter “heartbeat” without quotes after you set sv_lan to 0. That updates your server info in the master list.

Yes, I did use the sv_lan 0 but never heard of the “heartbeat”

I’ll try it :wink:

Hmm… he still gets the Server Not Responding.

Could you tell me which ports I have to forward?


I probably forwarded the wrong ports :S

you need to portforwars 27015 to 27015
is it a dedicated server?
if it is, what ip soes is say thet it is on, if it stands 27016 at the end you would need tostart the server before the game