Need help with simple VPS questions..

Hello Facepunch users! I’m in need of some help with adding my gmod server (ttt) to a vps, looking into ramnode and linode. The problem is that I have never used a vps before and espescially never with a game server such as gmod.
I’m trying to figure out how I can transfer my server over to a vps? Will it be a window open such as im using on my desktop right now or will it just be a command prompt? Most importantly though how? I really don’t want to buy a 20$ vps
and not know what to do, thanks extremely much!

You’ll need to install an FTP service such as vsftpd, that way you can upload files you need via FTP (such as gamemode files). For setting up the game server itself, you can follow this guide. Everything will be done via a console, aka PuTTy and SSH.

Using linux and installing a gmod server from scratch is not for the feint hearted.

I was wondering if it would be simpler to use a windows over linux?

It would be easier for you if you have no linux experience, essentially you get a desktop to work with instead of a terminal. Windows VPSes tend to cost more than linux though, and are slightly slower, so it depends what budget you’re working with.

Simplicity shouldn’t be a reason to select an OS over another. I really recommend you to try linux out. I hated it at first, but now I love it.

Selecting Windows as OS for a VPS is like throwing money into the sea, as Windows require more RAM, CPU and Disk Space than Linux does as Linux is more lightweight. But ofcourse it all depends on how lightweight you want it to be. If you get a VPS with 512MB RAM, Windows will use up most of that RAM just for the OS.

I would suggest you to start off with an easy linux distro such as Ubuntu, XUbuntu or Debian.

And ofc, you can always get help from me if you get stuck!

Alright one of my big questions is how would i transport my server folder, I have a lot of customs in it throughout many folders, how would I transfer that over to a linux or debian vps?

gmod used to have issues with linux servers and some gamemodes dont support linux natively, however if cost is a factor then linux is the way to go because it doesnt eat resources like windows does

Do a fresh install of GMod on the linux server and then copy over the entire garrysmod folder. That should do the trick