Need help with skinning.

Ok, I tried to put male 07 head to male 06 and it doesn’t show up. or did I messed up something with models?

What did you name it? Where did you put it? Is it hexed? Did you change the path in the VMT? Does it even work (wont it be a different fit or something?)

I didn’t name it. I think. But I did put it in models folder, no it’s not hexed,or wait yes I think it is. How I do that?. Yes that’s the question.

If you don’t know what hexing is you didn’t do it. Put it in the materials/models folder not the models folder thats your issue. also to replace the original you’d have to name the vmt the same as the original and the vtf for the other would have to be referenced (you don’t even need to extract any textures to do what your saying).

No, wait,shit. I know what hexing is. I did it. And yes I put it in there, yes I replaced it. But I think the proplem isn’t in materials it’s in model. It doesn’t spawn when I press the icon in the game.

Listen, I need that hexing program that shows the model codes. I think that is solution to my problem.

What model codes? I use XVI32 and mine work fine.


Ok one min, need to find it.


Theres links to all the tools I use on my DA page in my Journal.

Ok thanks : )

…the fuck? I can’t find any of my model “codes” where is it at. I’ve must been fuck’d up something…

If I knew what you were on about it would help, but seeing as I don’t its proberly not what i’d call it or you don’t need to do it.

Also np :slight_smile: