Need help with some CP problems

So I just got a batteringram and metal checker addon for my Police class in my upcoming Garry’s Mod server. The thing is when I go to that class, the default Weapon Checker and Battering Ram are still there and I looked EVERYWHERE to try to delete the default and I just couldn’t find it. And yes before you ask, I did try google. Anyone able to lend me some assistance? I’ll give you a hug or something.

Jobs file -> TEAM_WHATEVERPOLICECLASS -> weapons table.

Do I still use DarkRPModification?

I’m not sure if you can override default teams in DarkRP modification since I don’t code core DarkRP frequently. I would say to just modify the core files, but Falco might kill me.

No … you have to edit the DarkRP lua file … specific the: darkrp/gamemode/config/jobrelated.lua at line 48.
From: [lua]weapons = {“arrest_stick”, “unarrest_stick”, “weapon_glock2”, “stunstick”, “door_ram”, “weaponchecker”}[/lua]
To: [lua]weapons = {“arrest_stick”, “unarrest_stick”, “weapon_glock2”, “stunstick”}[/lua]

It didn’t work :confused: any other suggestions?

In the darkrpmodifications>lua>darkrp_config>disabled_defaults, make sure you have the cp option (under DarkRP.disabledDefaults) set to true. This solved my problem and I have the battering ram you are talking about. I never had to edit the core darkrp files.

Yeah I’ve had the cp default disabled and still no luck.

Anybody still willing to help? Or is there anything I didn’t try yet? I’m super stuck.

-thought this was the null entity thread-

Inconsistency, my testers are always asking why is there 2 weapon checkers and battering rams? Plus it makes my server look sloppily made and unprofessional.