Need help with some simple entity work

Here’s my situation:

1 env_fire
1 env_smokestack

env_fire name: fire
env_smokestack name: smoke

I’m trying to make the fire ignite and go out at the press of a button in a toggling fashion, same deal with the smoke. I’m having trouble familiarizing myself with the keyvalues and outputs/inputs from my func_button to achieve this.

I’m hoping someone that knows what they’re doing can give me some properties and or outputs/inputs to make this effect happen.(It’s for a simple house fireplace btw)

Set the button (chec the toggle flag) to start the fire and smoke when it goes in, and extinguish it when it goes out?


This is what I have been using without success.
And yes the button has the Toggle flag checked.


Doesn’t seem to be an ‘ignite’ input for my hammer

Sorry was on my itouch, didn’t get to look.

[del]You shouldn’t need that OnOut output. Just have toggle, and it should start and extinguish.

If you haven’t any luck with that, I can make an example .vmf with a few other entities for you.[/del]

Give me a few and I’ll make a .vmf on how to toggle it.


There you go.

Thanks I’ll have a look

The problem is that you are telling the button to start the fire when it is pressed, and when it comes out, to extinguish the fire.

What you need to do is throw in a couple of logic_relays. The button will trigger the relays, but only one will be active.

Create a button, two logic_relays and the fire.

The button:
Onpressed <logic_relay1> trigger,
Onpressed <logic_relay2> trigger,

Logic_relay 1
Ontrigger <logic_relay1> Disable
Ontrigger <logic_relay2> Enable
Ontrigger <fire> StartFire

Logic_relay 2
Ontrigger <logic_relay2> Disable
Ontrigger <logic_relay1> Enable
Ontrigger <fire> Extinguish

Beat you to it Phoenix :v: