need help with some stuff

Okay, i need help
i made an entity that will spawn npcs on use but i need to make em ignore the user even if ai ignoreplayers is on , also i need to put an effect when i use it , a glow .
Also i want to make npcs spawn with weapons , ijust that , i created the whole entity but these stuff idk how to do em so

local ent = ents.Create bla bla bla


wola thats how u give guns ^^
and ehhh how can it ingore players pressing E if the player must press E to spawn the npc? (:D)

erm its a yu-gi-oh card and i need it to spawn the npcs on use , i did that and i said nothing about pressing e to them to make em ignore u.
the entity uses npc:create(“npc_fuku”)
i need to give the gun to npc
and i need the fx on spawn and the ignore globally