Need help with some stuffs for DarkRP server.

Hello guys, I have a DarkRP server which I need some help with. I’ll list all the stuffs below what I need help with. Any help is appreciated!

  1. I currently have 5 cars on the server. 1 car is for all players which they can spawn through the Entities menu whenevery they want. The other 4 cars is for a job called “Car Dealer” which is Admin/VIP restricted. I want to remove the car dealer job completely and have all cars to be buyable through the Entities menu. I can do all that by myself but what I really need help with is to list those 4 cars to those who have Admin priviliges or higher (ply:IsAdmin) only and the other car can be buyable by any ranked players.

  2. I need those cars I listed above to be permanent. Which means save them through SQL or something and to be spawned for free once they join again. Of course they have to buy the cars once before they can spawn it for free later. And additionally, I want the “permanent” cars to be removed after 2 weeks if the player has been inactive. I currently dont have that much to offer, but the one who can help me with this and the above question will be rewarded with some money. (PayPal)

Hopes there’s anyone around who can help me.

Thanks in Advance!


Okay, let me get this straight you want to be able to (as a guest) buy this one car (Car A) and then Admins and SuperAdmins can buy the other 4 (Car B, C, D, E and A?) Also, the way your describing it, would then mean you couldnt have it saved that the player bought it. As if I recall the entities menu doesnt record/save when you spawn it.

DrJenkins, I want the guests to be able to buy Car A, VIP/Admins/Super Admins to be able to buy A, B, C, D. But, I dont want the BCD cars to be shown in the Entities menu for Guests, so they can’t buy it.

That would be easy, add me on steam and I’ll do it for you, BUT the MySQL feature won’t work.

DrJenkins, OK, I’ve added you now.