need help with somthing to do with ULX

im an admin on a darkRP server and for some reason the default user group in ulx is broken and we cant block things for it no matter what we try. anyway… we found a solution. move everyone to the user+ group. it works fine but everytime somone new joins the server we have to add them to user+

is there a way to set user+ as the default group so that when people join they are in the user+ group? or is there another way around this problem?

Wouldn’t it be wiser to actually fix the broken user group?

we have tried everything. basiclly what happens is people are spawning in the glitched out cars and tdm car stuff as user when they are suppose to have bought them. we have disabled it all and everything but it still does it

Just realised you made a thread here so i’ma quote myself from your previous thread if you dont see my post by any chance.

This is a very stupid workaround, you should fix up your “user” group. If you really want to, make a lua file in lua/autorun/server and put this code in.

local function SetGroup( ply )

hook.Add( "PlayerInitialSpawn", "setgrouponjoin", SetGroup )

knoxed… this completely broke the server. removed all the car textures for everyone on tdm cars/ the admin skin didnt show and yeah. most textures where gone from things we added which the could see prior to us useing the code

Sounds like your server is fucked up and you’re passing the blame, his code is fine. How would it even make sense that what he posted would affect TDM car textures at all, that’s just your downloads being broken.

i never passed the blame. i was just saying. after we put in the code everything broke so what are we to assume. dont jump to conclusions

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so do you think it would be wise to reinstall fastdl?

You can’t really reinstall FastDL, what you can do is clear it then go through and make sure you add everything correctly, if you need help add me on Steam, I’ll be able to help out tomorrow.

Ok so we fixed the problem. but now we are faced with the user problem again. the code didnt break the addons however i think it may have got interfered with by somthing because all the peoples money was gone and they stayed as joining/connecting players or whatever its called where they have a plain player model. anyway we havnt tried to use the code again after we fixed the other problem. do you have any idea what may have broke the default user group on ulx?if so how would you recommend we fix it

Make a ulx ranked named user+ if there isn’t already. Also check your server console for any errors.

we have a user+ just wondering how i can user+ as default group

That code does not interfere your TDM stuff at all. Your server is really fucked up. I suggest you start from scratch.

i should have said this earlier. it wasnt your script and i said we fixed it
although the script did do some weird stuff. everyone when they join have that weird non textured joining model and wouldnt show our money, was really weird. i dont blame the script i think some just interfered

can you explain what exactly that code does?
also do you think its worth giving the script another shot?

The code checks the players group on initial spawn. If their group is user it sets them to user+.