Need Help with Source 2 Mesh Work

I’m having a little trouble wrapping my head around the process of mesh work in the Dota 2 Workshop Tools. I’ve done the tutorial, but outside of that tutorial, i get completely lost. I guess you could say I can’t seem to wrap my head around the “order” of which I should do things.

My goal is to make a door complete with windows, with one single mesh, and do it with a good amount of detail. It was an exersize I tried doing to learn my way around mesh work, but I can’t seem to do it neatly.

Here is the texture I’m working with

When I try doing it, I end up doing something like this:

The red areas are where I made my cuts, and the blue areas are faces that I try to push back(because the panes aren’t going to be on the same plane as the beams), but for obvious reasons it fails.

If someone could take the base image and edit it, or show me a video that would help I would appreciate it a lot. I feel like a complete scrub doing this after using the old hammer for so long… :pwn:

At first I thought you were talking about Source 2.

Then I realized it was just a bad way to say “to.”

You got my hopes up. :suicide:

That aside, I have no idea how to solve this problem. Sorry. Good luck man!

He actually is talking about Source 2. :v:

From what I would do, based on my understanding that Source 2’s modeling is synonymous with Blender/3DS, so you should be able to construct it in the same mindset as a model. If thought like that, it should be fairly simple. Unfortunately, I have not compiled into Source 2 yet, so I do not know how well they translate across.

Starting with the size of the model, I would make it 56bu wide and 112bu tall. Unfortunately the picture is too tall for that, so I scale the top of the door up to 136bu. If I wanted to, I could do finishing scaling near the end to shorten it back to 112bu, which should then match the other doors and door frames perfectly.

(Note: I model at 1/10 scale as to not have to deal with a completely massive model. After exporting the model, I add a “$scale 10” command into the .qc file to scale back to intended size.)

What I would do is begin by making constructive edge loops around the model. I would then copy the window face, delete it, and make a new object with only the window face. As long as I keep all the polygons in one object by the time I compile, I am fine, so separating them allows me to clear my head of unnecessary steps involving extra edge loops.

Note: I add a mirror along the thickness of the door so I don’t have to repeat detail on the back side.

I would then add detail by insetting faces where necessary, and finish it off by adding the smaller details such as the door handle.

(Note: I used the Wireframe modifier on the window mesh, with a setting of 3.0 in order to quickly make the window supports.)

And done!

(Note: I used a subdivision surface modifier on the metal bits in order to increase the polygons to make them look smoother. Being a model, I could just bake down the details to a low-res version, but for source 2, I’m not too sure how you could go about doing that.)

Thanks so much man! And With source 2, this translates over perfectly. If you tried it, it should be pretty easy on you.

Glad you like it. I am also really looking forward to giving Source 2 a more thorough run, but I want to wait for it to either go to Source Filmmaker, or to get a FPS component before I really invest myself.

Ah, good work, looks nice. Might wanna clean it up a bit, though, lots of unnecessary tris.

Also, you can bake subdivisions in source 2, just FYI.