Need Help with Source SDK Spontaneously Combusting


Let me just explain the situation here, a few weeks ago I decided to render a map I was working on for about a couple of days, and for some odd reason every thing in the Compile Window logs said “Cannot find file specificed.” or “Couldn’t access (blablabla)”, but after searching around and using Google I finally got a solution to that problem. Now a new one arises. From my mighty unlucky asscrack, a wild error appears. Now, I’m not saying it’s necessarily a critical error like not even finding the .bsp for my map, considering I fixed that bucked up problem, but now when I load up my map with the lighting inside it, there is no mat_fullbright on, and it’s just pitch black until I turn on my flash light and get light from my flash light (Hazzah! I didn’t know that!) but it does not activate the light that I put in Hammer for the life of me. Also, when I use the Skybox 2D Tool, and I do everything correctly with a perfect structure map with ABSOLUTELY NO LEAKAGE AT ALL, it just shows the actual Skybox 2D Texture instead of the actual skybox it’s supposed to render.

That’s my Compile Process window log. This is a map that is perfectly structured. It’s not the map I have been working on for a couple of days, but it’s practically a test one. You can download the .vmf for yourself. Here, have it.

If you want the log file too, then sure, here. Hold your hand out. Yes, like that, good, alright, here you go!

And once again, if you want to test the .bsp too, if you really, really want to, then here you go. Open wide!

Now can somebody help me with this stupid beeping problem?!

Which Game are you making maps for ?
Compile log says:
1# Could not find lights.rad in lights.rad

Are you using a legal version of source sdk ?

Garry’s Mod.

You are trying to use light textures but you didnt create the lights.rad

Warning: Couldn't open texlight file c:\program files\steam\steamapps\windows7genisis\sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin\lights.rad.

How am I supposed to create the lights.rad then? Or is that supposed to be a automatic process?

Its not necessary to create a lights.rad, you don’t NEED one.

Can ignore that error. Its not an issue.

You need to use the regular tools/toolsskybox texture, not tools/toolsskybox2d

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Also turn vvis onto normal.

Right, okay, but then I would have to make a 3D Skybox.

No you don’t.

So it would just work normally that way?

Edit: Thanks for the help, now compiling the map the way suggested and going to see if this piece of crap works.


As far as I know, the 2D skybox texture is if you have created a 3D skybox, but applied the 2D skybox texture to your map, the 3D skybox doesn’t appear in-game.