Need Help with SRCDS

So I downloaded the HLDS update tool, did everything I need to start up a server with Gmod, like downloading it with the bootstrap version. But now, whenever I start up the server, it has the GUI and everything looks fine, but I set it be an Internet server, it still shows up in the LAN tab and my friends try to join and it says ‘Server is not responding.’

My ports are forwarded 27000-27020 on both protocols and there are no addons in it yet.
What I think is the problem is that it is trying to use the Routers IP instead of my computer’s own IP, but I dont know if that would really be it.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

What is your IP?

I know my IP address, I just dont know how to change the server to use mine instead of the routers.

It should automatically go to your router, check if sv_lan 0

I had that problem too. I couldnt get it to work so I just payed for a game server at serverffs it works better that SRCDS. Thats my suggestion…

Go to start > run > cmd > ipconfig and write down your local ip
Make sure the ports are forwarded for that ip

You need to follow this guide.

All of the ports are forwarded to my local ip address, but should the server be running off of my routers ip? The address? Because with other games that I host servers for, to join they use my computers specific IP which is far different from the routers.
Sorry if I seem like kind of a n00b but Ive tried this 3 different times and its never gotten this far, just wanna try to finish it up.

Your routers IP is part of your network’s IP group, no one from the outside can connect using it, you need to use the internet IP.

And how can I make it use the internet IP?
Ive tried the ip console command but that didnt work.

Go to and tell your friends to type connect IP in their console.


And replace IP with what you get from that site

Okay will try that. Ill post when I test it, and thanks again everyone! =)

Okay, my friend tried to join and it gave him the message saying that the server is running using an older version of something… he didnt specify before he had to leave abruptly >.> . But the connect command did work sorta but I just need to update it apparently. Anyone know a fix?

How about a link to your Steam Profile?

Alrighty, there have been 2 updates in the past few days, update the server.

K, I updated with HLDSut with all the special commands, and Ill post again when I can test it out =)

Okay! It works pretty well. Thx again for the help but now I have another question.
I have wire installed and it works for everyone but me. The Adv wire tool wont wire and the regulare Wire tool wont show the little blue menu
of the available commands to wire for! A little frustrating and Ive tried to update wire with SVN for me and the server but it still wont work.