Need help with Steroscopic (3D) textures in Gmod

I have made a texture for garry’s Mod that can be viewed like a 3d image. I need help with 2 things.

First question. If the texture goes out side the model boundries, what happens? Does the bit of the texture that goes out of the model limits not appear or does something else happen?

Secondly, I know this has been asked a million times before, how do i replace the texture in Gmod of the normal combine soldier? Tried and failed many times and I need help.

Firstly what is a sterioscopic texture as it sounds like what a normal map does but not using one (which means it probberly wont work)

to replace the normal combine texture you will have to make your texture into a vtf, and make a vmt file that defines your texture as what you called it, which must then be called the same as what the combine vmt is called to replace it.

Thanks for you help

np :slight_smile: