Need Help With Texture

I’ve been working on importing a large collection of classic gaming-related models I’ve made into GMod and I need some advice. My problem, as you can see in this comparison, is that this one in particular doesn’t look so good. Everything looks softened and ugly. How can I make the Garry’s Mod version look closer to the Blender render? They are the exact same model and texture…

Thanks folks.

Do you have smooth shading on the model? If you do, change it to flat. That should work.

That was actually my first thought as well but I’ve gone back through twice now, making sure to “Set Solid” not “Set Smooth” and it’s yielded the same result, much to my confusion.

Somehow, I’m thinking you’re right after all but I can’t figure out how to fix it. It would seem that no matter what I do I can’t turn the smooth shading off. The Set Solid button doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. Any ideas?

I’m not familiar with Blender but maybe any of your exporting programs don’t support exporting custom/multiple smoothing groups?


If this fails, import the model into 3ds max, usually when i export the model its flat shaded.

That’s what I had done, actually, and it wasn’t working. I just figured out the problem though (kinda’). It’s some sort of problem with the script I was using from this thread:

I spent a bit of time with a newer version of Blender getting a different exporter script working and finally got the results I was after. It turned out I had the normals on the grout reversed as well which was kind of embarrassing. Now I’m trying to figure out a few other issues with it but I’ll make a different thread for that.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Try adding some noise to the texture. Maybe even bumpmap it.

Bumpmaps and such are a bit beyond me yet in terms of getting them into GMod. I’m thinking I’m going to try and add some bumpmapped noise to the grout, then some specularity or some sort of shiny effect to the brick itself. I’m still figuring out the how of it though. Modeling for GMod in Blender doesn’t seem very well documented, from what I can find so far.