Need Help with the code

Alright, so i am trying to do my own Star Wars RP server, i have written some code, but i have already encountered a problem,

TEAM_RECRUIT = DarkRP.createJob(“Clone Recruit”, {
color = Color(255,0,255,
model = {
“models/player/clone cadet/clonecadet.mdl”

description = [[The Cadet is the most basic level of the Republic you can hold.]],
weapons = {""},
command = “recruit”,
max = 0,
salary = 45,
admin = 0,
vote = false,
hasLicense = false,
candemote = false
Define which team joining players spawn into and what team you change to if demoted

Define which teams belong to civil protection
Civil protection can set warrants, make people wanted and do some other police related things
GAMEMODE.CivilProtection = {
[TEAM_POLICE] = false,
[TEAM_CHIEF] = false,
[TEAM_MAYOR] = false,
Jobs that are hitmen (enables the hitman menu)

Alright, so in the code you can see that i have the Clone Cadet, it isn’t working in a way. When you come online , you are a Clone Cadet,but … when you press f4 , the category for the Clone Cadet is called “Other” . Any help is greately appreciated.

As dark-rp jobs are the most complex things in the world I’ll help you out.
You need to put category = “Cadet”, in your code. For example put it inbetween max = 0, and salary = 45,

You will also need to make a catergory if you haven’t already.
This gets very advanced.

    name = "Cadets",
    categorises = "jobs",
    startExpanded = true,
    color = Color(30, 30, 34,255),

Right,so you said it yourself about it getting complicated, could you by any chance help me by Skype , discord etc.?

I don’t even do darkrp but yeah you can message me on discord. Jokes aside it’s hard for a learner so I’m sorry for poking fun. No hurts needed. Anyhow I can’t do it right now as it’s 10pm and I have school tommorow.

You know how to make the category and put the job in said category?

Yes, just leave your discord and I will message you tomorrow and show you the code.


you should probably change

color = Color(255,0,255,


color = Color(255,0,255)

Haha I totally missed that, Anyhow I’ll help you whenever possible!