Need help with the Life Support 2 mod.

Hello. I regret to have my first post in the Facepunch forums be a “help me please” post, but unfortunately, that is what it is. Well, I’ll just get right to the point now. I got Space Build 2 and Life Support 2, and when I am underwater or in outer space it correctly displays my air percentage going down.
However, when the air gets to 0%, I can hear the “losing health bubbly sound”, but I don’t lose any at all. Player damage is on and God Mode isn’t. Help? Also, I am very terribly sorry if this is the wrong section in which to post this.

You have maybe installed it wrong.
Have you installed while playing gmod?
As you did it will not work.

Or you have a old version of life support.
Try to search for a SVN version.
Will maybe help.

IT only water who cares?

hmm… strange I have no issue with water and I drown (however in space in SP I am fine for some reason) I belive Life Support 3 is out but I would stick to Life Support Life 2 for a while and wait for the patches.

To answer the question: close steam, delete Life Support 2 (if this does not work unfortunately you will have to do the same with Space Build) download it again from and install it in addons. start steam and go into a multiplayer server. depending where you are, if you are in/closer to the U.S. try the servers with a lower latency/ping (I can not name any at the moment) if you are closer/in the U.K. the JokerIce server is quite good.