Need help with this cash converter

I figured it out I dont know if I should delete this or not idk how lol

Well what’s the problem? What do you need help with?

I dont know what im supposed to do from here

First, you’re calling a serverside function, clientside. ( exchanger() )

Second, you’re creating like four functions within one function, which seems redundant.

Third, you’re calling LocalPlayer() serverside.

Fourth, you’re using self instead of ply in oldCash()

Fifth, you’re not defining exchangeRate anywhere.

Sixth, In convertcash(), you call newCash() without passing a ply argument.

There are a few syntax errors here and there (= instead of ==, simple stuff)

etc, etc.

Edit: Looks like most of the clientside code is completely fucked, too.

ok so ill try and do this one step at a time
so i made a sv file for the exchanger()
should i put those 4 functions into one function
also do i need to declare the local variables as global?