Need help with TMySQL Queries

	id = ply:SteamID()

	money = SRVDB:Query("SELECT `money` FROM `money` WHERE `steamid`='" .. ply:SteamID() .. "'", function(result, status, err)     
	if status then
                        PrintTable( result )
                        ServerLog( "[MySQL] GMOD Error: " .. err .. "
" )
        end, 1 )
	print("String sent successfully")
	UpdateMoney( ply, ply.Money )

I’ve been trying to convert to TMySQL, but I am having some troubles.

Unfortunately, as soon as the query is ran, the server crashes immediately. I’m not all too good with MySQL, so if I could have some insight it would help.

Which version of tmysql are you using?

TMysql4, I changed to MySQLoo, it doesn’t crash anymore, but now the queries run successful, but nothing is ever changed in the SQL DB.

You should send your crash dumps to BlackAwps so he can look into fixing that problem.