Hey everyone, i just bought garry’s mod last night, and when i start the game and click on the toybox tab, it says cannot connect to server. so, i exited the game and went to it on my webbrowser, it said the same thing, so i went asking around, and someone told me that changing your ip might work, so i did that, and started gmod again, click on the toybox tab, and it says logging into steam. so i waited for a long time, and it still says logging into steam.

I dont know whats wrong, but can somebody help me? if you want proof that i own gmod then here is a link to my steam profile:

Please help me!


I’m getting that too. Please help :[

I’ll poke garry about this (sounds like a server problem in my opinion.) Probably won’t help since I’m just another fp user.

Can you connect to it out of game?

I’m able to connect outside of the game for some reason, but the connection is very sluggish. Comparable to a turtle.

no i cant connect to it out of game either without having to fuck around with my ip

I can but it still spams my console with all these:

Toybox Auth Error: [HTTP Error] (retying in 44 seconds)
Toybox Auth Error: [HTTP Error] (retying in 45 seconds)
Toybox Auth Error: [HTTP Error] (retying in 46 seconds)

I am having the same issue. It says “Logging into steam, patience please” or something of the sorts, in the toybox tab of the spawnmenu. It also seems to flicker every 10 seconds or so, like it’s refreshing the page - I’m assuming this is the retry system.

I can connect and login just fine externally, in a web browser.

I’m having the same problem.

I can connect fine out of the gmod menu. (I just connected to it in Steam’s in-game overlay but in gmod I get the Logging into Steam problem)

Im also having this problem…

I’m not able to get on toybox through the game, but through my browser, I get on just fine.
Validated and defragged files, nothing happened.
Anyone got a solution yet?

i cant connect to toybox in game or in my webbrowser

Im having the exact same issue. It worked an hour ago :frowning:

have the same problem
with me is connection error to server

There was a problem with toybox last night so don’t worry, I couldn’t get on either, but I can now.

Can’t open the page too

I’m just unable to connect period now.

i carnt connect either

The Toybox is down again.