It work again!

For me, ever since I bought Garry’s Mod, the Toybox just says “Logging into Steam - patience please!” over and over again.

I can connect to it just fine out of game, but in-game, it refuses to log into Steam.

Right now i bought the game yeturday and try to access it and all i get is the 118 error it wont work out of browser either PLZ Help:smile: thanks

It doesn’t work. I installed garrysmod about a week ago and it worked. Now it’s not working for several days already. It’s really boring without it ;-( Is it getting fixed ? It doesn’t work out of game either.


bash on your keyboard… XD

no… jk.
is it stuck like its hanging onto something or is the button normal and the caps wont go out when you press it?
(excuse me for my bad english… im dutch :wink:

Does anyone know what’s wrong?

Write system32
browse drivers\etc
Look At Hosts
open it with the notepad
JUST REMOVE THE 2 LİNES WHAT HAVE GMOD SORRY FOR BAD ENGLİSH i m just saying if you find a line inserting word garry or gmod delete it :smiley:
just like
Remove 2 lines
after it you can see toybox :
Hope İts Solve Your Problem


FIX all you need to do is go to


Login then go to GMOD and your done it works with all my m8s so should work with you. ***:suicide:

Don’t do it, seems like a scammer

I am having this problem too.

Actually, this isn’t a scam. I don’t know if you need the login part though. Link:

What is causing this, to begin with?

Bump,Because i can

Please Help Toybox Wont Work, It says unknown error please HELPPPPPP

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I’ve got the Logging Into Steam problem still. I can launch it from my browser (Google Chrome) and even from the Shift + Tab area. I can also open other websites, like YouTube from the ingame URL. Can someone help?

I’m having a similar problem but instead it doesn’t connect at all it says on the address bar instead of

You don’t need to bump an ass old thread.
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