Need help with ULX

so, I made a group called “Owner” yesterday and now I don’t have the “groups” tab and I need it. Also, I removed access from myself to try to get it back and now sometimes it just doesnt let me join any group like superadmin. I need help bad.

Add yourself to superadmin, the same way you got it in the first place, assuming you were the one to setup the ranks.

It’s been a while since I’ve used ULX, so I don’t remember precisely how to do it, but what you need to do is set the “owner” group to inherit superadmin.

I have. But sometimes it doesn’t let me do anything. Like even if I put myself as superadmin, it doesn’t let me do anything until I set myself to Owner. Also, I think I accidentally deleted the original superadmin which removed the “groups” tab. Is there any way to reset ULX? do I have to delete ULIB as well?

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I did inherit it. It didnt really even do anything except for letting me use the menu and the menus that superadmin gives you, like the fun tab, and whatver. Doesn’t give me the groups tab

If you want to get your groups tab back in the menu, its ulx groupallow superadmin xgui_managegroups. You also have the option of deleting ulib as you stated.

This may or may not be your issue, but from a couple different cases I’ve learned that deleting the default ‘superadmin’ group from ulx/ulib makes it extremely unhappy. Ideally the one or few top-tier players should be in that group. You can customize it with a custom team linked to it, but if you’re trying to use a custom group other than ‘superadmin’ you might run into some weird issues like this.

How to promote yourself to ‘superadmin’ if it still exists:
In-game: Recall your rcon password, open the console and type: ‘rcon_password {password}’ followed by ‘rcon ulx adduser ^ superadmin’
In srcds: Type ‘ulx adduser {username} superadmin’

If you’ve deleted ‘superadmin’:
Go into your garrysmod/data/ulib folder and delete the groups.txt file. The next time the server starts it will auto-generate a clean version for you. This will delete all current group data and restore to defaults. You can backup your current groups.txt and merge it with the newly generated one making sure to preserve the ‘superadmin’ group.

EDIT: Okay so I did some closer reading and yes, you can restore the ulx/ulib groups by deleting the current groups.txt file and restarting.

Don’t delete the actual addons, just delete their data directories.


ULX may also have a factory reset command of some sort.

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You can also just delete groups.txt if you would prefer not to destroy your entire config, but I’m not sure how well ULX handles only some of its config files being missing. Make backups of your existing directory before you delete it.

I got help from someone. I figured out that I had to delete the ulx and ulib files in data. Also, just letting you know, deleting the groups.lua file did nothing for me.