Need help with ULX

First, can anyone tell me the directory of the privileges file? Like the one so I can make a “owner” have all the commands and stuff?

Also, I have a FastDL set up but everything EXCEPT the maps download. Anyone know why?


Found and fixed the first question.

bzip2 all your maps and upload them to the maps directory on your external server.
Also, ULX questions are best asked at Friendly and fast.

As a note, bind a key to xgui, with XGUI, editing ULX files by hand is now outdated.

Thanks, I will be sure to do that. But the reason I had to do it by hand iss because I was an “owner” and they didn’t set up any privileges or anything so I couldn’t access any admin commands. :confused:

ULX runs of a hierarchy type system where it goes:


and each level inherits what the other level has as you go up the chain, so if you are an admin you have all the commands for a operator and user as well as admin commands.

You need to make sure that when you create additional users it inherits from the correct user in your case superadmin (easier to just be a superadmin but whatever your system might be whatever.)

As per fastdl you need to mirror everything exactly in the remote site/ public FTP (when i say everything i mean everything you need depends on the server) Make sure that you bzip the files such as maps as they will rape your data usage.

I see, yes you do need to set yourself initially by text file. But from then on, try XGUI to manage the groups, its a breeze

Also, what handy man said, groups are set up to inherit from other groups, just something to keep in mind as you make your groups