Need help with verifying

For some reason whenever i try to put in my Custom URL and save, it either says that the characters in my username are invalid, or that the profile is already in use. My profile name is Hugh G. Wreckshon, and I’ve tried putting it in the custom URL these ways:

Hugh G. Wreckshon





I dont know what else to try after that, it seems it cant find my URL.

Please help me find a solution.

I feel stupid :(…

Edit: I also have done all the other instructions correctly. For example, putting in the weird code near the end of the process.

  1. Go to steam
  2. Find “edit my profile”
  3. Find this box:

  1. Write something easy to remember to the box. Like “hugh” or “Wreckshon”.
  2. Save settings
  3. The word you wrote in above is your Custom URL.

Mind… Blown…

I know the issue with the first three- the period. It needs to be one word with NO punctuation. personally, I would go with “HughWreckshon” or something like that.