Need help with VGUI Derma box please!

i have created a derma box which will set first and last names for my RP server, and i got a few questions which i could do a little help with please,

  1. How do i make the enter button work and set the players name,
  2. How do i make the box come up for any new player which joins the server?
  3. is there anyway for it to save the name so any player who has allready set their name so the box doesn’t show again.

I’ve posted on the noob question forum, but getting no help, and getting abit frustrated with it so i posted here. I really need some help =P i cannot figue it out haha!

Can we see the whole code for the derma? It is easy to make the box popup when a player joins, but you have to take an if test, to check if their names are set. Thats easy too. But I don`t know how to save their names. I can help you with the rest.

We’ve already started answering in the thread he made in Newbie questions, this one can be closed