Need help with weapons

Ok, I spawn a pistol everything seems to be ok then what I do is press “e” and nothing happens, I see the pistol is still there. It seems as though I have just placed a prop or something, here is the error: attempted to create unknown entity type weapon_real_cs_“whatever CS weapon I spawn”

I realy need help with this one, also in “Rp_downtown_v2” with the gun machine I can pick up the weapon when I break the crate but just when I personally buy a gun and try to pick it up, I can’t.

Help will be appreciated.


Is your gun licence on because that seems to be a major reasons with everyone i helped from rp server to rp server if it is set it off, via admin menu
unless of course your making some sort of shipment via lua… then pm or reply to me =D

rp_license is set to 0, that is not the problem and I do not know what is, thanks for replying but I think it is darkrp itself.

Nevermind reinstalling darkRP worked