need help with working out triggers [gmod]

I am creating a concept with a friend, and we want to make a puzzle level.
For a preview I want to be able to have players press 3 buttons individually, then a timer of 15 seconds starts to clock down
players have to build over a gap and if they dont do it in time then their props slam against the wall or just get deleted
how do i do this? im shit with entity work but im good with designing the map

Have you made a start on this one - where do you need help with it?
Or are you looking for a way to approach it(have no idea where to start)?

i just need to know how to function the entities lol

I’d go with forcing them to use breakable props and after the time a trigger_hurt flags to only damage props kicks in killing the props.
Or maybe have a mess around with teleporters or func_push with them once again flagged to only effect physics objects. :slight_smile: