Need help with your server? Looking to rent a server? Read this first

If you’re renting a server from a host:

If you need help with your rented dedicated server, your first port of call should be your host. You’re paying for the service, so you should be using their support lines first.

This doesn’t apply for gamemode or addon queries.

If you’re looking for a host to rent from:

Have a look at this:

Whatever you do, don’t post any threads asking “What Gmod server hosts are there?”! You’ll be banned for not reading this sticky.

Most hosts have a support tab, look there.

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Support info by host:
[/li][li]AIM: daxterfellowes
[/li][li]Steam: Search “Daxter Fellowes[]”
[/li][li]Live chat: Click on the Live Chat Icon
[/li][li]Toll Free by phone: 1-866-696-2770
[/li][li]Toll Free by phone: 1-877-744-3724 (x403)


[li]Support tickets:
[/li][li]Steam friends: Ninjadude101
[/li][li]Live support: Click here

PM me for mistakes please.

It won’t be locked, people should be able to ask for clarification on what I mean if they need to.

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Nope, but you could help by editing that post with some support contact details. It would be nice if every major host active on FP posted theirs. I’ll remove the spam above when I get home.

Please update the BioServers contact information to include:

Support tickets:
Steam friends: Ninjadude101
Live support: Click here

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Ya contact them

This is nonsense,If we payed for Garrysmod why should we pay for a server?
I think its nonsense.

You only need to pay for a server if you want your own and are unable to host one off of your internet connection.

Because else there would be millions of servers! And most of them would be bad like hell.

That’s a pretty damn retarded statement.

Also I recommend GmodHosting. Daxter Fellowes = sexy.

I’d reccomend XenonServers, they just upgraded all their gmod hardware to dual-quad core servers (eight cores per box). I’ve been happy with them as long as I’ve been a customer!

Don’t start this “xxx host is good” thing again, there’s a wiki entry with a list of hosts - that’s all anyone needs.

there’s already like a million servers and like 70% of them suck

besides you can host it for free on your network but they aren’t going to host every random server.