i bought 2 keys from the old rust auction site, how do i give my friend the second key so he can get a steam key?

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this doesn’t work, when i sign in, it gives me my old steam key

If you already redeemed the key then you can’t give it to your friend.

i have 2 rust keys, i only activated 1, i have the old activation key in my email, but there is no new place to sign up for an account to activate the old rust key to get a steam key… get what i mean?

If you didn’t assign the key to an account by now, it’s too late.

so is there anyway to get a refund? since i never used the second rust key?

They’re non-refundable.

so that’s pretty messed up, i supported the mod by buying 2 keys and now i’m going to lose 1?

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is there anyway i can get in contact with customer service and give them my unused rust key to receive a steam key?

What mod? It is a standalone game. And you should have acted faster, what stopped you from giving him the key right away?

You had plenty of time to redeem it by now. It’s on Steam now anyways so he can buy it on there.

i meant standalone game not mod, i just forgot about it and didn’t know there was a time limit on redeeming my rust key.