Need help

I don’t know if this is the right place to post but anyway

I’m new to the game and I’m wandering if anyone can someone tell me some essential addons I should download for Garry’s Mod and/or other general good addons which are not necessarily essential =]. Thanks for your help.

Wire-mod and PHX are pretty much Must-Have addons.

Also, it would help if you’d tell us what you usually do in Gmod. (eg. Build, Pose, Play around)

Thanks for the quick reply. Well at the moment I just play around as I’m not good at all at building, but I would like to get into that =]. I downloaded PHX and got that now, but I can’t seem to find the Wire-mod? any help?

Its downloadable from its forum. You can just google “Download Wire Gmod” or something like that.

So, you probably enjoy NPC killing, but ever felt boring of how they just fall over boringly? Well now you can splat them all over the walls with GibSplat! (Go with Dismemberment Mod if your computer is a bit bad) But then again, you need NPCs to splat? Look no further, as Xystus has solved your problem with Dan’s Mega NPC Pack. What now? You need something to splat those with? Well, the choices are enormous. Well, Devenger has done you a favor by making a nice pack of weapons with an unique aiming system! He calls them the Twitch Weaponry pack.
More unique, you say? Obliterate your opponents with the Vapor Rifle. You can also inflate your opponent’s head to the point of explosion with Sakarias’ Microwave Rifle. Tired of guns? Want more mayhem? Get your edition of Garry’s Bombs and kill your opponent while destroying the whole city!

If you were wondering about the style of this post, I was just getting my inner salesman out.

Lol thanks :P, downloaded them apart from the NPC pack, I’ll do that later =]. Also I downloaded some huge vehicle pack? but I put it in my AddOns folder and it doesn’t seem to work, same with another thing I downloaded it was a Defusable bomb, do I put these in different places? If so where? ^.^. Thanks for help once again

No problem. Also, the “Defusable bomb” is an “Advanced Duplication”. You need both PHX and Wire for it.
Oh, and link to the vehicle pack so I can help, please.

Anyone else got any more suggestions?

the above weapons and other things wouldnt be complete without some maps as well:
a big city to explore:
a hill to throw dead npcs off to splatter:
a map which spawns npcs already WARNING need a gd computer for the map otherwise lag:

those should be enough for now

Maps, eh? Maybe you should try Alpinestruct, wich is a huge snowy are you can play around in.
If you want a more apocalyptic scene, go with Salvation or Atomic. You can take Bajarama if you want to build and test cool cars. Or you could release your inner evil and make buildings fall down crumbling in Town or Temple.
If you download Town, dont forget the Materials Fix for it.