Need Help!

So guy it me the stupid guy > I Know i can’t write english
but pls help me one more time by this so!

i have download all GTA IV Model pack : Links

And the other 3 packs
so i have put this packs in steam/steamapps/username/counter strike source/cstrike

but when i go in source sdk under css and open hammer
go to the entity tool and make a prop_static then to the folder i creaded all the props are there but i can’t see it they are like a ghost and when i press agree and want the prop take to the map i cant see them ! HElp MEEE
i know you doing hard to read this but help meee and pls dont ban me i have search in google and fpsbanana and all forum but no one know it ! HELP :frowning:

Did you unzip them and place them in the right directories?

See how other custom content works to get a general idea of how this will work. It works the same was as Gmod, but without an addons folder. Therefore, unzip this, go to the models folder and replace the models folder in CSS with this one, then do the same for materials.

nono i do all right the model dates are in the right folder and the materials are in the right too but what i have think for a while that the gta 4 models whit a other source engine build are not whit the source engine ???

No, they are made for a game in the Orange Box engine, and CS:S was recently upgraded to the Orange Box engine. And even if it was not, Source and Orange Box Source content are completely cross-compatible.

ok hmmm than show me pls how i must to install the modelpacks for skd that i can use them in counter strike source maps ???

Try installing a different model pack into CS:S. If that works, that indicates something is wrong with the GTA4 pack. If it doesn’t, that means you’re probably doing something wrong.

i have test all gta modles but it dont work and i need this models like a truck from gta or the subway bu other model packs hasn’t this so i need one to make me this or someone must help me how to make own models

I refuse to believe you’re not a troll.

Go into the gta iv model pack/ folder and move the models and materials into your cstrike folder.

i have doing it but it dont works the are invisible i cant see it