need help!!!

Im making a admin menu. the parts i need with is the banning, kicking, and unbanning system. The punishing, teleporting people. ex: how would i script telelporting players and myself. The ranking system. and restricting weapons, stools, and etc.

Plz post a link that explains all this or explain it in the post.

You want us to code you an admin mod?

Go look at ULX.

no the basic coding for those parts and then i will add wahts needed to the basic lua code.

So you want us to make everything for you cause you do not have a clue what the fuck you even start with?

i have a started basic menu but i dont know how do code those fucking parts. maybe you should read my other posts before you say that i want people to do my work.

Maybe you should be less rude and stop going all out and swearing when someone criticizes you.
gasp An agree from a moderator!
[sp]That was meant as a satirical take on moderator ass-kissing[/sp]

You can load up software and drag a few boxes and buttons on.
That does not make you a lua scripter.

If you bother to admit you cannot lua script we will stop moaning at you about it and attempt to help you.

Bunch of links for disabling different spawning in here: