Need Help!

I downloaded toxin and I uploaded it to both my fast download server, and my game server.

When you come in to download you only download the map and not the mod, and I get a cache file error that couldn’t be downloaded, can someone help me please? For the past two to three days that I have been here I have only gotten a reply and it really sucks that no one wants to help me, I thought this was a help and support category. Inb4trolls/umad? I just really want some help since I am paying for a server I don’t want to be wasting my money.

Just a little side-note first: Alot of add-ons aren’t made for multiplayer and I’m not sure what toxin is so I can’t really assume anything of it. Just saying though that alot won’t automatically be working when used for multiplayer.

“cache file error” I’m guessing you mean that when you join the server it’s saying “Server is misconfigured”, that’s the only guess I have, if that’s the case it’s because your cache you uploaded to the FastDL is either the wrong one or your FastDL isn’t set up properly.

Also, just insane you didn’t know, FastDL for add-ons work differently, instead of making an addons directory simply all addons materials/sounds/models/etc go in the base directory inside the FastDL, otherwise they won’t download, and the only way they’ll actually download is if lua is somewhere telling it to download.

Off-topic: I recommend that next time you should probably think about trying everything out on your own computer, settings things up, then once everything is working buy a server, but that’s just my opinion, doesn’t really matter.

Anyway, hope I helped.

If I set it up on my computer, I see everything (because I don’t have to download it)
Sorry I mean toxsin, it’s like killing floor (I think)
And so, for custom models/skins/sound I would put the stuff in /garrysmod and not /garrysmod/addons?
With the cache error, how can I make it so the fast DL can update the cache without me manually uploading it?

And thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

(For some reason the Reply button isn’t working for me, so quoting will have to subistute here)

“And so, for custom models/skins/sound I would put the stuff in /garrysmod and not /garrysmod/addons?”
Yes, exactly.

“With the cache error, how can I make it so the fast DL can update the cache without me manually uploading it?”
Well, I’ve found a few programs out there that can auto-commit updates for you and things like that, I don’t really use any so I can’t help you there. It’s not too much work to manually do it just somewhat frustrating when you forget is all.

"And thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. "
No problem, glad I could help.

btw, my next reply might not be for awhile, heading to bed since it’s 1:14am here, good luck and congratulations if you get it working.

Also, how do I force a client to download? I read a few threads about something like add(something).(something)(“put address to the file that is supposed to be downloaded here”)

If anyone can help with that.

Lua can be used to force players to download files (aslong as it’s on the FastDL), here’s two helpful links about it:

If you want more help with this I’d recommend you post in the lua scripting section on these forums.

I did that before and nothing happened, just to be sure how do I create a .lua file?

Create a text file. Rename it to atextfile.lua

And if im wrong get a lua editor.

I wouldn’t upload the .lua in the ftp would I?

And my server keeps giving errors saying that my the update animaton.lua isn’t working or something, from the base folder gamemodes/base/.

EDIT2: And I can’t get the server to force download, I put the lua in lua/autorun/server/. And here is an example of the lua

I just updated the script to:

And still doesn’t work sadly.