Need Hexing

ok for a new gmod seires im making i need some one to hex every skin in this pack. first your name will be in the credits and offered a part.

this is the pack

P.S i need a modeler or skinner for the ragdolls so mabe if you want you can be the skinner or modeler for the series

i try hexing them

here you go:
if you need any thing else hexed you just have to ask

Thanks man


hey dude i got a new one this is for a spoof

ok I’ll do that tonight.
hows the series coming along?

here you go:

Why don’t you just download hexer that was posted… here… some…where…

Great ill be realising first episode oct 12

kool PM me the link when your done :v:

hey i have run into some problems with the funny series because of commercial copy rights but i have a new series i have been plannign for 2 years and i need these military models hexed

that’s to bad, good luck on the new one
oh, and their already hexed