Need Ideas for a Machinima

I plan on making a Machinima, and I need some ideas.

So hit me up with some :slight_smile:

Start slow.


I’m going to be using Face poser, to make actions and talking and stuff… then editing it in After Effects…

But for ideas, I mean like the actual video, like what should be happening in the video. I want it to be realistic.

Maybe you could make a video about a zombie invasion or you could have some psycho going around killing people.

I think there are a little to many zombie videos for Garry’s mod…

But the 2nd idea, sounds pretty good, i will keep that one in mind.

NOTE: I want it to be realistic too.

If you really make progress and you’re not another ‘ideas guy’ I can help with voice acting.

Serious voices, wacky silly voices, normal voice.

Alright… and what do you mean ‘ideas guy’

Ideas Guy is the guy who makes several threads all over Facepunch saying “Hi everyone I’m working on this project it will be amazing and huge and probably turn into a movie or game but I’m just the guy with the ideas who wants to do the work now?”. Work hard yourself, get a little help from others.

Oh… ya. I plan on doing this and staying with this…

Any more ideas anyone

Like, a psycho who escapes out from a hospital.

And comes after some person? It will be more scary if it wont include slaughter of 20 citizens but a single guy trying to survive.