Need Ideas for my Team Deathmatch server

I know everyone here on facepunch is a server master when it comes to server help and ideas, so I asking, what would make a Team Deathmatch server great or Any addons that would enhance the experience? Thanks for the help

I got some ideas.

Don’t make a stupid pay to win system.
No Gun/class unlocks. All of the classes should be open to everyone.
Make Unique classes (example: turret gunner can place turret emplacements or something, Tank driver can attach extra armor to his tank like props n stuff. and if you have the skills to, you can put ACF on your server. Pretty much like a realistic cannon mod)

And jesus christ, DO NOT slap addons on the server.
Reduce amount of useless addons. And don’t put random addons on your server to make it look cool.
Do not have stupid dubstep playing in the loading,
Don’t have badly posed characters in the loading frame either. Just the stock gmod loading.
Don’t be stupid as hell, and enable friendly fire. I hate when retards do this.
And lastly, don’t hire kid admins, “admin disrespect” should exist. Just grow up and move on.
The only rules should be “No spawn killing” and “No Hacking”