Need ideas for post-apocalypse soundtracks (for map)

I am making a map based on the scraplands/wastelands

from Half-Life 2 and the Half-Life 2 leak, and I’m looking for different soundtrack ideas to put on it.
I have a mental list of a few, which I will now list:

FTL - Wasteland (Explore)

**Portal - Self Esteem Fund **

Homestuck - Carapacian Dominion

It can be from any game/movie/album, whatever. I’m not picky.

EDIT: Yeah I’m referring to ambient music, not something that has any words.

Soundtrack from 2001: A space oddysey.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R soundtrack works pretty good for eerie things.
If you want more actual music, take a look at the Metro 2033 OST.

Imo ambient music is the best choice for lifeless environment :slight_smile:

Biosphere - The Storr

Northaunt - Night Alone

Northaunt - Horizons

Tomáš Dvořák - The Prison


Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol.2

A lot of the album is… dark but there’s some really happy songs too. I really love it.