Need Infinite health script...

Unfortunately I’m getting massivly spawnkilled on a fun server that allows scripting. I am able to run my lua scripts but i dont have one for godmode. If someone could please post the code I would be forever thankful!

You cant heal yourself client side.

get admin permissions, but if they allow COMPLETE lua_run command, then setting your health is as simple as telling LUA your name, then setting your HP to 35 billion, while killing everybody else. however, i doubt they let you have full lua_run access, so you can’t do anything. if they do, i can write the script in a couple minutes

[lua]lua_run player.GetByID(1):SetHealth( “600” ) [/lua]

maybe if he was on a listen server

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and health was a string

ninja’d, oh and the kid would need to know his ent index for player.FindByID, thats why I use Player(<UserID>):SetHealth when I’m doing shit like that

Isnt there a god function?

Not clientside.


Well this is but works only with lua_run

Client side and server side, know the difference.

while true do
LocalPlayer().GodEnable = (true)
Sets your god mode so fast the server doesn’t get a chance to disable it.