Need Info for Rigging and animating my Monster High Charatcers!

Hello I need real help on making my First Addons for Garry’s Mod 13, as the title says it yes I am working on Monster High Models. The reason why I am working on them is because I’m getting sick of tired of MLP stuff ruling in Gmod, so I just wanna see that if there’s any Monster High Fans that play Gmod 13 as well and want to see MH kicking MLP’s Butt just for fun…

As for the software I’m using, it’s 3ds max 2012 32-bit, as I have alot of good expirience on modeling them…

I’m only asking for help on how do I rig them and import them as both Ragdolls and Player Models, so if anyone has any tips or everything for me to import them in to Gmod 13, I will give out my Models for workshop and everyone can have fun with them. Even if it’s alot of information that I need to learn on how to import them, please share you’re brilliant minds to me so this can actullay happen that MH will beat MLP once and for all…

But for now I need to learn on how to import them into Gmod 13, Like I said you can send me any long information even rigging, animating, and importing!

i wasn’t aware there was a monster high playerbase…

Sorry if I did not paste any pics of them, here is my samples at

And do you know what’s Monster High then? Do you watch it and collect them too?

If so Reply, because it’s epic!

Consider this a bit of irony here as I am a Brony.

To rig a model I recommend you follow this tutorial:

Now, looking at what you have, would you be considering modeling Clawdia anytime soon? I might not collect the toys, but I find the series good. Much better than Winx.

Who’s Clawdia? Can you give me any info on her and pic then?

Ok, so it shows how much I watch. I meant Clawdeen.

sorry for the late reply, no but I have her in my computer.

This is a joke, right?

No, but I am still way behind.

If I can’t do them or find someone else to rig them, then I won’t procced to the addons for now on…

I wants

I love monster high

not a fan of the new movie style though…