Need Lantern that runs out (PS Item)

Looking to have this:

As a Pointshop item that I can use on Hide and Seek but it has limited uses or can be used for only a certain amount of time and then there is a cooldown.

If anyone can assist in doing this, that would be great! (If its possible)

Which part are you having difficulty grasping?
Could be easily done with a few variables, and if you want it to be persistent you could use PData.

I only know how to make it a pointshop item, I dont know how to do the other stuff.

Should the time save between “rounds” / maps?

If not then you can have a toggle ( OnEquip / OnHolster ) and decrement a value over time ( using Think, etc ) and when it reaches 0, force it to be un-equiped. Depending on whether or not you want a cooldown before the value resets or you want it to increase value you can use CanEquip to see if they can equip it… Basically:

if ( !self.WasForciblyUnEquipped || CurTime( ) - self.WasForciplyUnEquipped > CoolDownTimeInSeconds ) then allow equip… else deny… end

In Think, if equipped then force value to go lower, if value <= x then force unequip and set self.WasForciblyUnequipped to CurTime( )…

Otherwise, OnEquip you can set a timer to force unequip, on Holster you can kill that timer ( and change the time-left if you set a start time on equip )…

There are many ways to implement a system like this, it just depends on what you want it to do. I’d suggest designing the system on paper first ( define behavior, then the logic should come easily )