Need lil' help.

Can someone explain this, why my bullsquid’s model’s textures (which is ported from hl1 beta) are so glitched/messed up?
Here’s pic:

I’m guessing the texture and uv map don’t match. Is the HL1 beta in a playable state, and if so, it doesn’t look screwed up like that, right?

It does matches (Obviously should match), but it’s textures (maybe) are glitched, like you can see stuff through them.
It has 3 textures: side: ;Bullchickentop: ;eyechrome:

Any help will make me do models quickly and good (I learned how to make ragdolls 5 days ago and props 14 days ago).

Yeah, I see that now. In any case, try removing $selfillum and $model from the material. You only need $model if the material is an UnlitGeneric, but VertexlitGeneric is only for models. Using $selfillum means the material is basically fullbright. It shouldn’t make the material transparent or anything but you don’t have anything else in your VMT that should so we may as well try that first. Do the textures have alpha masks?

Its an issue with the decompiler released for it, first check to be sure its the latest version, then be sure your faces arent inverted

Alpha masks? No. And yes I already tried to remove $model and $selfillum but still no luck.

How do I check if it’s latest version? And also, I checked it, they aren’t inverted.