Need LUA coder for DarkRP 2.3.7 server

Can someone help me? I have a server and we cant figure out how to code the things we want, so if someone could help us with that, that would be great.

$500 AUS per hour, and I’ll do it. Maybe.

Also you might do yourself a favour and also post a topic in the lua forum, in the appropriate sub-forum, if you haven’t already.

What’s the server IP, I might drop in.

10$ a hour.
Experianced lua coder.

What kind of customizations are you requesting? If you are only looking to add Teams, Shipments, Vehicles, etc, the process is stupidly easy, and you should just learn to do this yourself. If you are asking for a full out customization, post a bit of what you want done to limit your audience of programmers. If this is going to be a huge project, it might be worth taking this to Lua Scripting Requests as Le Pidgey suggested.