Need lua coder for darkrp server, will pay up to 50$.

add me on skype: impactgoezfrag


Don’t add this kid. He fakes his tags, and could be a possible hacker.
Just look at this link:

uhm lol wut?

i pay before they help lol, get ur shit together son

Sorry, you just cant deny the proof.

That was months ago. I’m willing to pay first, not gtfo my thread pl0x.

itt: drama

okay, pay first. Sounds like a plan.

Stop being a cancer on GMod and run a better gamemode.

Lol, the skype doesn’t even exist. There goes my 0.01 chance of scamming this kid out of $50. Doubt he had the money in the first place.

Really, “pl0x”? God dam little kids!