Need LUA Coder >> TTT Customs, Menus etc. Willing to pay.

Aim to include:

  • Exactly what you want done, if you wont post it because you think your idea is so amazing that someone is going to “steal” it then sorry but a) someone else has probably already done it anyway and b) you’re unlikely to attract many scripters.
  • Exactly what you’re paying (or willing to pay), it’s honestly purely up to you how much you offer. Just bear in mind, if you offer too much nobody will probably tell you, so you could spend way more than you needed to, but if you offer too low you’re advert will just be ignored. If you’re just offering a community position (eg admin or owner) then feel free to post, but a word of warning the majority of scripters wont want that.
  • A timeframe, do you want it done in a few days? a week? a month?
  • How you want to be paid, both method and how you want it to work (eg send half, get script, send the rest).
  • How you can be contacted (make sure the Steam profile URL on your Facepunch profile is correct).

I grabbed this off of the hiring thread.

What I need done is custom weapons like a Grappling Hook, Turret, and a few fancier silenced weapons, You can rip them from anywhere else.
Also, I have a point shop downloaded, I need a custom tab added to it, I need that to have tokens to spawn as a Traitor, Innocent, and Detective. Also, I need the gun shop to work properly, I’m pretty sure its because it’s not set to the right weapons, but I am not 100% sure. Along with that, I need custom weapons added to their, the silenced ones. I also need player models to be added to the shop, Currently it only has Kliener, and that sucks. I need some babes, and some funny ones.

I have paypal. I will pay per part. If you can do one part, I’ll pay you for that, we can talk about payment in private, Note: Pay as good as you work. I am not some kid with $5 wanting gold. I have good money:).

I need this done ASAP.

Payment 2:
Preferably finish the script and be paid, Can work with you on this.

Contact information:
Skype: xsharif50x
Steam name: biorisk
Steam profile:

Preferably skype/steam. Message me for more contact ways.

Please hurry, I have a server needing these things, players requesting them!
Thank you, -Tyler

Isn’t here already a grappling hook? And putting playermodels into pointshop is easy. Are there any models you have in mind (ones that already have player animations preferably)?

I just need a bunch of nice models, preferably ones that move.

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