Need Lua Error Help

Hey, Guys, I Need A Bit Of Help I Have This Error I Can’t Fix Can Someone Please Help Me As Soon As Possible

[ERROR] RunString:1: '=' expected near '<eof>'
  1. unknown - RunString:0

Can’t help you without your code.

Please Post Your Code In

 Tags And Stop Capitalising Every Word It Is Harder To Read Thanks.

I don’t know the error file that the thing that’s all it gives me in the server rcon

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Try validating the game files. If that doesn’t work, you could remove one addon and put it back in until you found which one could have caused it.

How To Validate The Game Files?

With SteamCMD:

app_update 4020 validate

If You Don’t Know Where The Error Came From, That Might Mean That You Don’t Know What Causes It, So Why Bother

When does the error show up?

Maybe. But code thats gets RunString doesnt provide you with any location though so hes fucked.

I Just Wanted To Be Annoying

But you might confuse people in the future if they Google this issue and this post comes up. Also he asked politely, he might not know much but he’s not an asshole about it.

The point is that this error is meaningless, he doesn’t know where it did come from, he doesn’t know what did it break, or even more, doesn’t even have idea what does it means

If you’re programming something and you see this, you instantly know that the line you’re running that RunString incorrectly
The same user said “I don’t know the error file that the thing that’s all it gives me in the server rcon”

So i repeat it, if he doesn’t know anything about this error, so it doesn’t harming anything at all…Why bother, obviously you’re not controlling your addons, workshop files or server content, so this is what do you deserve by managing incorrectly a server, a dirty console log

It Shows Up Only In Rcon And User Players Chat