Need Modeler for my Gamemode "Rust Survival"

Hello Community,
I started my gamemode “Rust Survival” a few weeks ago and i need a good modeler who can do some of these things:
[X: Chuckymore] Player Model in underwear and Bodygroups for some Clothing like
Bodygroup “Chest” has some entries like “Jacket” or “Hide Jacket”
Bodygroup “Legs” has some entries like “Hide Pants”

[] A Forge Model which look like the one from 7 Dayz to Day
] Some Items like Water Bottle/WaterBottle Empty / Water Bottle Murkywater / Canned Food Models with different skins / Pistol Parts Models / and more

If you want to contact me, you should do it here or on Steam

Here my work:

You would get more interest if you posted some of the work you have already done.
There is also the jobs section at

i hope you have some kind of system to limit KOS pvp otherwise a large server on maps as small as gmods will be a massive clusterfuck

Sure. Count me in.

yeah because you have a random spawn(random from a list of 20 spawnpoints)

well i gotta admit the gamemode looks quite well made, have you tried posting in the modelling section yet?

i havent seen any model section but thanks for the info!