Need More Dawg Server

Server Name: | #1 | Build Server Server IP/Port: Dedicated/Listen: Dedicated Country/Location: Australia Gamemode: Sandbox Prop Limit: 100 Click to Connect: Addons: Wire (Core, Models, Adv Duplicator) Anti Noclip Buoyancy Tool Conna’s Tool Pack (With some removed abusive tools) Derma (For e2) EGP2 Fin2 Keypad Linedraw No Colide Multi Measuring Stick Parachute PHX PlayerTitles Simple Prop Protection Smart Constraint Smart Snap Stacker Super Parent Multi Stacker Adv ULib ULX Unbreakable UTime Weight Full addon list and other info at NMDGaming forum post. Other Info: We aim to provide a fun environment, so if there’s anything that limits your building, ask an admin and most of the time we’ll help you out.