Need more people for our Machinimas

Our machinima making group is called Massive Codes Productions.
I am currently disappointed that hardly any of our members are on for meetings to discuss and make the videos. I am looking for people who read the events on the group and not muck around during the making of the videos. I have released a video trailer for our group called Infected and sadly it wasn’t as good as expected because none of us was appearing online.

Looking for:
Voice acting ( you will need a very good mic )
People with ideas for other videos to make
If you are good at gmod posing
Scene builders (building up scenes for recording)
People with good internet
If you live in Australia you will more likely to be accepted into the group
Lastly I am looking for good Map builders with Source SDK Hammer
Maybe 1 or 2 Source SDK Faceposers
1 or 2 Video editors (you must be good) Requirement: Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 Platnium or Adobe Premiere

I do not need these:
People that sounds like kid and is a kid

If you think you are ready to make videos and help out our group send me an e-mail telling me what you do.


You can also add me on steam and talk about this.

Steam: itsimonyoz

Lastly our steam group. You will be invited if i accept you

We will make Comedy Horror Action and serious videos.

You seem legit. I say for anyone who wants to should. Just one thing with the video, make sure you don’t have any out in the open 1776 types of battles, but over all, it looks good.

BTW: Im not joining, im just saying if anyone who dose should

If you are trying to apply. Send me your info with your steam username and if you apply on this thread then please remember to leave your steam username for adding to.


Why just Sony Vegas? Adobe Premiere is also a great and professional program.

Ok people with Adobe Premiere can also join. I put up SOny Vegas because i’m editting to so it would be easier.

Count me out.

I do like the trailer though. And I wish you luck. :slight_smile:

We can still use people for setting up the scenes.

If you still need them, I’m open for voice acting.

Your steam name?


I am also finding a whole bunch of more people. So if you think you got something that is on the list then put your information in this thread, or PM me, or add me on steam (my steam name is shown on top) or send me an e-mail. The group has gotten smaller because i have kicked many out for not being on. Or if you think you have another thing you can do with machinima then still contact me.

The group needs you!

Thanks, I’d do it but real life keeps me busy. I hardly have time to plan my machinima ideas. If I ever get more free time though I’ll reconsider.

Steam name is Skywarnwinona.

Ok thanks. I will contact u soon.

We still need more people!

new poster… i hope

could be. great work!


As you have read above that I need those kind of people for my group, i also need different ones now but still including the ones above

Now also need:

People who can make things that you can spawn in gmod (forgot what they call it)
Map builders (Hammer)
People who are professional with Photoshop (to create a lot of stuff: eg group picture, posters for videos)

We need also these people. If you can do the one shown here and shown right on top of this thread then please contact me.

Needed mostly:
Voice Actors

Maybe I could help.
I’ve got some mapping experience and I could try some other things as well.
Add me on steam for further details if you want, TheKiLLaD.

Wish i could make scenes to bad im a kid though.

I had an idea for a funny tf2 vid, but I don’t have any experience making machinamas. take a look at my thread “TF2 scout “medic” rush vid idea” and leave a reply if you like it. I’d like an honest opinian.

Thanks i just added

Currently we are working on Infected until just after the first episode (yes its a series) we will have other ideas. We can still use your help for posing, setting up scenes etc

im not sure how well I’d do at that, but i’ll give it a shot, my steam acount is flamingbag and my screen name is Stonetribe.