Need more players on my server but how?


I own a gmod server called construct worlds sandbox, rarely do we get 5 people an hour I need help improving my server so people will join. I’ve got a bunch of tools for the server like stacker Wiremod Smart weld Smart snap and more so people will join but still people Havant joined.
I’ve changed the name aswell to see if people will come on the name is:

Construct Worlds Sandbox M9K Weapons Sprops Stacker Scars!

But I just don’t understand why I don’t get much people on?

I have 4 addons that people download when they join:
Piratecats magapack (this one takes a while)
Sligwolfs bus and bendybus
Sprops workshop edition
Five nights at freddys 2 Npcs

Is there any way i can get more people on my server?

I even Made a Server trailler.

If you want to join the ip is:

Please reply anyone.

Sorry if i am advertising my server

Build a community and get regular players. Invite all your friends at once and new people will join.

Huge workshop content packs are horrible on playerbases.

ok ill get rid of piratecats megapack

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i got only 2 main addons that people download when they join:
fnaf 2 toys
sligwolfs bus and bendybus

Please no fnaf content… If they want fnaf stuff, just play the fucking game.

Every damn server has M9K and FNAF crap, be orginal and use content that isn’t found on 95% of other servers.
Also having large downloads and loading screen music (don’t know if you have that) will drive a lot of people away.

I just noticed the trailer and watched it, honestly going to say that there was nothing in that trailer that would attract anyone over the age of 13 to join your server and would probably keep people from joining instead. The FNAF addons and Admin guns alone would be enough to drive a sensible person away and the fact that you can spawn NPCs and dupes is something that just about every other sandbox server allows for. It’s like you’re trying to sell a coffee machine by saying that yours is better than the competing one because it makes coffee.

Look for addons that are different from what’s usually up, avoid FNAF and M9K like the plague, and don’t force people to download 800,000 different mods just to join.

ok i got rid of the music on loading screen got rid of fnaf and big addons what should i do now


Lock the server, change hostname to “Exploderguy is optimistic” then shut it down after a day.

wow very funny

Only use neccessary addons and stay under 20.

Tips for a great build server (thanks for not making a DarkRP server):
1- No Five Nights at Freddy’s
2- Only add necessary build addons
3- Also add some original build/fun addons to make it unique
4- Have a good admin team. Also, no-one likes to read and follow a page of 100+ rules in a sandbox server.
5- Build a community. Make it so players want to come back to the server, not just pass by.

I would not play on this server mainly because of the M9K and because its not unique

7- No pay for admin/moderator.

Surprisingly enough, pay for mod/admin is an american thing… Theres like only 1 or 2 servers in all of gmod that use it here.

Keep in mind that the FP community and average gmod user may be different; I thought FNAF was hot shit at the moment so there might be people who appreciate it

Hmm I started out with eveyrthing that these people are saying still I only get russians who start wars everytime I take out a gun…

Use this

When don’t russians start a war the second someone else pulls a gun?