Need more special effects!

there aren’t enough special effects in gmod for example i was making a small war scene and the only special effect explosion was like 10X to big.

can any one make any new special effect explosions in variable sizes from a mine exploding to a grenade to an rpg to an atomic bomb, from small to large, you know what im getting at.

If you want some really nice special effects explosion, you should just take a screenshot and edit it with GIMP or Photoshop.

Or, if you lack the ‘skills,’ you could always post your screenshot here:

There, you can ask someone to edit in an explosions into your screenshot. And they often add other neat things too.

You could use the actual explosions with an invisible 0 damage detonator or something, record a short video and grab the right frame.

ill make some cinematic tools for you

if you can that would be awesome, i haven’t been on a while so i don’t know whats going on if you’ve done it yet, just give us a link if you have.

thanks again